Taking care of the environment.

Sustainability and stewardship

At Kal Tire, every team member and every operation is a part of our path to sustainability.

Our commitment to the environment includes extending the life of the products we sell and diverting waste from landfills as well as reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

You’ll see us cutting our carbon footprint with every customer’s tire we retread, every scrap tire we collect and recycle, and every energy-efficient light we install. These are just a few of the big initiatives Kal Tire is undertaking as part of a commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

We think it’s important to do the little, everyday things too— recycling, using less paper, shutting off equipment, and cleaning with earth-friendly products. Team members are always encouraged to conserve resources.

At Kal Tire, we know how important it is to help keep the earth clean, and we’ve pledged to continue doing our part.

child riding on recycled tire bike toy

Recycling Tires

We’re working hard to support tire recycling initiatives and help turn scrap tires into enhanced community infrastructure.

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Team member retreading tire

Retreading Tires

By giving commercial truck and off-the-road tires a second life, we reduce the natural resources needed to make a new tire.

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recycle bins

Reducing Energy & Waste

We are committed to minimizing our impact on the planet by reducing our energy use and sending less to the landfill.

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Our aim

is to continually improve every aspect of our company, recognizing our responsibility to our customers, each other, our communities and the environment.

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