EV & Hybrid Tires

Find the right tires for your electric vehicle.

Battery electric vehicles have unique needs.

Our tire experts have the skills and knowledge to find the best after-market tires for your EV car or truck. When shopping for tires for your EV it’s important to consider load index, speed rating, rolling resistance, noise, and braking performance. Below are our most popular recommended tires for electric and hybrid vehicles based on these criteria and our independent tire testing.

Most Popular Passenger car & CUV EV suitable tires.

From all-weather, performance to winter tires, find the best option for your vehicle.

Most popular Light truck & SUV EV suitable tires.

From all-weather, winter to 3-season tires, find the best option for your EV vehicle.

Learn more about tires for EV & Hybrid

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Kal Tire team members are EV tire experts and here to help you.

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