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Tire Services

All our services are performed by certified tire technicians.

Kal Tire team member changing tire

Winter Tire Changes

You can book your seasonal tire services online. With each seasonal changeover or swap, our certified tire technicians will get you back on the road in no time.

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Vehicle with a flat tire

Flat Tire Repair

We always repair your tires using both plugs and patches, as recommended by the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association. When it comes to the safety of your tires, you just can’t cut corners.

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Rotating tires on car

Tire Rotation

When you rotate your tires properly and regularly, you prolong the life of your tires, saving you both time and money.

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Tires used as a coffee table in living room

Kal's Tire Lodge

Give your bulky, heavy and dirty tires a good home. Keep them safe at Kal’s Tire Lodge until the next season.

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Mechanical Services

Our certified automotive technicians use premium parts that meet or exceed warranty standards.

Vehicle getting a wheel alignment

Wheel Alignment

Our technicians perform computerized alignments to ensure all four wheels are parallel and sitting flat on the road, and that your steering wheel is centered.

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Kal Tire team member working on brakes


When you need brake work, trust our trained technicians to do the best job at the best price. Book a FREE brake inspection online today.

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Kal Tire team member working on vehicle

Steering & Suspension

Your vehicle relies on a broad range of components to ensure that it handles correctly and drives smoothly over bumps and uneven road conditions.

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Kal Tire team member checking oil

Oil Change

The only difference between us and the dealership is we charge less.

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