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Your vehicle relies on a broad range of components to ensure that it handles correctly and drives smoothly over bumps and uneven road conditions. When any of these components are worn or fatigued, your vehicle no longer performs at its best. Kal Tire recommends inspecting your steering and suspension components regularly to ensure that all parts are functioning properly and that your vehicle drives smoothly.

Parts that Kal Tires inspects and repairs include:

• Ball joints, control arms and bushings

• Steering components, including tie rods and steering gears

• Hub assemblies and bearings

• Lateral links and stabilizer bars

• CV axles and joints

• Shocks, struts and springs


Replacing worn components restores your vehicle's ride control and handling back to what it was like when it was new. It also reduces wear on other steering and suspension components. Your tires will also last longer with a vehicle that has restored shocks/struts.

If your vehicle bottoms out over a road bump or bounces after hitting a bump, your suspension could be worn out. Other signs of suspension damage include strange noises over bumps, excessive body lean on turns, or a sharp dive downwards when you brake hard.

Suspension wear and tear can be tricky to notice as shocks wear out gradually, so the damage may not be noticeable at first.

If you're unsure if it's time to replace your shocks/struts, visit your Kal Tire store for a quick inspection.

3 Signs You Need New Shocks or Struts

vehicle bottoming out

If your vehicle "bottoms out" or makes noise going over bumps.

bouncing vehicle

If your vehicle is overly bouncy, has loose steering or doesn't seem to drive like it used to.

vehicle leaning

If your vehicle has excessive body lean while cornering or tires are showing excessive wear.

Do I need to fix my suspension if I don’t mind the bouncing?

If you notice your vehicle bouncing while in drive, it could indicate that your suspension needs fixing. A loose suspension should be taken care of right away as it can wear down other parts of your vehicle and limit your steering ability, plus put extra wear on your tires. New shocks and struts will restore your vehicle's control and handling, making your ride safer and more enjoyable.


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